The frisky are you dating a cat

“Even younger women may find that they’re not as lubricated as they’d like,” says Madeleine Castellanos, MD. Putting all your energy into pleasing your partner doesn’t make you a better lover. Want another good reason to love yourself as you are? Research shows that women with a strong self-image have sex more often, feel more at ease when they’re naked with their partner, and even have more orgasms than those who don’t feel good about themselves.

Cats Protection's Social Media Manager, Gemma Croker, said: 'Cats have always been on social media but we have definitely noticed more men openly expressing their love for their feline friends.

Lizzie Mc Guire alum Hilary joined him on a board, with the two catching the same wave, before she wiped out.

Ever considerate, Ely was straight to her side, helping her catch her breath as they laughed together.

At some point when things have gotten mucho serious they kind of have to meet, right?

My mother is really into etiquette books and she claims parents should meet each other once there’s an engagement.

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Castellanos is a psychiatrist who specializes in sexual dysfunction. “Biologically, women are hardwired to put others’ needs first,” Castellanos says. "They’re not worried about what they [women] are wearing, whether they’ve showered, or if they’ve put on weight.” If you need a morale boost, don’t put yourself down and wait for your partner to cheer you up with a compliment.

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