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Sheila made a life changing decision that would impact not only her life but those of her 3 children when she decided to move to Serbia for love. We Skyped, talked on the phone and a lot of messaging. Photo: Misko78 If you want to piss off a Serbian quickly and irrevocably, just casually raise the question over the region’s independence. When it comes to Kosovo; our nation is divided between ‘Kosovo is Serbia forever’ people, ‘Can we just forget about it and get on with our lives’ people and those who actually lost someone in the riots.You can never be sure what group your interlocutor belongs to before you hit the nerve.Sheila Kanja is the second African-American woman living in the Balkans that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

However, those virtues of the Dinaric people and the Serbs also have the negative sides.The list of Protected Natural Values of Serbia includes 5 National Parks, 14 Nature Parks, 18 Landscapes of Outstanding Features, 72 Nature Reserves and Special Nature Reserves, 329 Natural Monuments etc.“, imaginative and creative and strong people, but highly family-oriented.Dinaric people whose part are the Serbs, feature live spirit and refined intellect, enriched with vivacious and varied sensitivity, that often go along with their rich imagination, as well as real impulse of excitement and anger.Those are the main causes which generate the passion of the Dinaric people in general, and reasons for conflicts that occur between them.Those reasons make the happy or unhappy courses and outcomes of their lives, much more than from selfishness, avidity and greed.

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