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In her first letter she described how she had spent the day studying the bromeliads at the park and gotten a thorn in her paw. Shes off-kilter, so thats not so good, was her rejoinder. Luba returned to the scene of the crime -- my broken heart was certainly a felony -- on August 2 for a 1 week vacation.

The changes took place not only inside the company, the website was changed as well, it was greatly updated.

We entrust our destinies to dirty manipulators who strive to Unfortunately, Elena’s Models chose another strategy, the chose dirty advertisement.

They try to «kill» their competitors tactlessly accusing them of fraud, thinking out in a skillful way more and more dirty stories in social networks.

At the same time, Elena’s Models behavour towards competitor websites became much more violent and inconsiderate, as you can see. It is evident that big changes took place in Elena’s Models company.

And here is the comment from Paul written after one of the articles on this blog: So it is, Elena’s Models really belongs to the company Great Media Limited, it is mentioned on their website: By the way, it seems that this discussion was created for the same goals of Elena’s Models, the tactics and style of narrative are very similar to Bruner’s tactics. It is also evident that this «honest» dating agency tries to earn money using unfair game.

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