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(KTVU) - Ok Cupid is one of country’s most popular dating apps and it now includes a feature for polyamorous users. Many people refer to it as being in an open relationship, but basically it is any relationship that is non-monogamous.

There are 9.8 million Americans in non-monogamous relationships according to an article published last year in Psychology Today.

That includes gay, straight and lesbian couples who agree that having multiple partners is okay.

Experts say it’s difficult to get an exact number because so many polyamorous people keep it a secret.

Almanderes said when the question, “Would you consider being part of a committed polyamorous relationship?

” was posed— that there has been a six-percent increase in the last five years of people who are interested. In 2014, their platform expanded to include 22 genders.

Polyamory — multiple and simultaneous sexual relationships — means, in practice, a few high value dudes hording all the pussy. Polyamory cheerleaders, like Christopher Ryan, note the shape of our penis heads and go on to weave a happy utopia of free love where all the men and all the women get their rocks off whenever and however they wish, like the bonobos (who, by the way, are territorially squeezed compared to their more prodigiously successful chimp cousins).

But he has to ignore female hypergamous mate choice and male jealousy to concoct this vision of a peaceful hedonist paradise.

Polygamy uniquely subjugates one sex; it’s like an institutionalized form of the hookup culture — with women on call for male pleasure, just with some boundaries and a relationship status.The reality would be considerably darker; women would still want to bang the alpha, leaving the beta male out in the cold, clawing and scratching for rode-worn scraps, but now shackled with the obligation to help provide for kids that are likely not his own.Despite the different focuses, they both have the same theory.Winnipeg-based group devoted to the intelligent discussion of the emotional, social, and political issues related to being involved in mature, ethical, nonmonogamous relationships. No discrimination based on relationship configuration or sexual orientation.It is hoped that this forum will allow the eventual formation of an in-person polyamory meeting/discussion group in Winnipeg.

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