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Breast cancer forms in the breast, lung cancer in the lungs, and so on.

Even when a cancer metastasizes to a different part of the body, it is defined by its original location.

He freaked out because he doesn't want to put his children in a high-rise building - would you? 'He freaked out, he said he does not want to put my children in that building.

Cancer has traditionally been identified by where in the body it develops.

“I was a pretty athletic, outdoors kind of a guy,” he says.

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As a psychologist, relationship expert and a psychotherapist for 20 years I specialize in dating and relationships. I’m also a breast cancer survivor of three and a half years so I understand this topic as a patient and a healer.

Watch this patient education video to learn more about types of oncologists, sources to help find an oncologist, what to consider at your first appointment, and more with Drs. It’s a classic example of a long-established reality: Our understanding of cancer has changed greatly over the years, often destroying what were once firmly held beliefs.Read full post Dan Cuccherini always considered himself a typical guy’s guy.If colorectal cancer travels to the brain, for instance, it is called metastatic colorectal cancer, not brain cancer. Shayma Master Kazmi, Medical Oncologist at our hospital in Philadelphia, call that old-school thinking.Read full post Do you ever wonder why one medication works for one patient but not another? This growing area of personalized medicine studies how a person’s unique genetic makeup influences his or her response to pharmaceutical drugs and medications.

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