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She has been dazzling with her fashion choices during the promotional tour for her new film, Wonder Woman.

But Connie Nielsen suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction on Wednesday, when she accidentally flashed crowds outside the AOL building in NYC.

“It’s just a theory, an idea, but somebody has to say it first,” Nielsen told Videnskab.Yet, Connie seemed completely unfazed by the incident as she continued to pose confidently for cameras - showing off her look for all to see, and putting the blunder behind her. The actress had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment while greeting fans in New York but we shall skim over her accidental flashing and scoot right over to her incredible dress.We don't know about you but we're obsessed!A sword found with the knight buried in the tomb revealed that he lived and died during the first half of the 1000s.The area in and around Næsby in Jutland where the tomb is located is thought to have been part of Valdemar the Great’s ancestral heritage that was handed down to him from antiquity.

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Scientists just named the longest-living species of vertebrate animal.

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