Moraccan dating and marriage practices

Coming from a culture which lacks much formal overriding moral influence, my biggest concern was whether I would offend my host family through my actions or speech.

Predeparture our class discussed how because many of the marriages are arranged and dating is not formally permitted, it would be inappropriate and uncomfortable to ask our families how the couples would have met.

PDA is frowned upon and can even get you in trouble, and I’m aonly talking about hugs and holding hands, kissing in public is inimaginable.

in Arabic, has seen many changes and development from time to time to meet the desires of citizens.

In each society, the engagement is performed in light of custom and national laws. It is ruled by custom, which recognized by the Maliki Doctrine as one source of Islamic legislation, and by the Family Code which derives most of its articles from Islamic law.

I had to beg them to give our papers back, so that my girlfriend doesn’t get in trouble with her parents knowing she was with me all alone in my car in a rather desert place.

I think that’s all I can come up with for now, apart from this, everything is just like a relationshp in a European country.

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