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Mobile users love messaging apps because they offer convenient communication with a personalized touch.

Now there’s much more to personal expression than emojis!

At AF we pride ourselves on the personalised services we provide and our sector specific account managers are highly trained to guide you all the way.

Find out more "Affiliate marketing is a key part of our overall marketing mix & the account management team at AF have been integral in delivering such significant year-on-year growth.

We receive an excellent service from our dedicated account managers who have always been exceptionally personable and client focussed.

I'd recommend Affiliate Future for the delivery of a successful affiliate campaign." AF continues to improve usability of our platform.

Understanding and improving Quality of Experience (Qo E) for your customers requires you to see performance through their eyes.

7 ballot to ask residents of the county’s 53 municipalities if they want to raise the open space tax rate that generates millions of dollars in revenue that public officials use to acquire and preserve open space properties.

During a special meeting […] Thousands of local residents showed their support for law enforcement during National Night Out, an evening designed to bring the community and police together in an informal, friendly, fun environment.

With Avatar messaging, users can create and share voice messages with animated characters that truly represent their personality or mood.

The Internet of Things is the modern “Wild West” with every conceivable type of device getting connected, and not many standards in place to make managing those devices easy.

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