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It’s a question that’s often answered far too quickly, without much thought for the facts.“Men are physically stronger,” is a commonly stated reason against unisex sports, for example.The BSP managed to almost double its score from the last election - Borisov’s was roughly the same - under new leader Kornelia Ninova, although exit polls had suggested a tighter race.

Both times Borisov quit early, first in 2013 after mass protests and then last November after his candidate for the presidency was beaten by an air force commander backed by the BSP.A newspaper cartoon had depicted Ninova riding a Trojan Horse with Russian President Vladimir Putin hiding inside.The Republic of Bulgaria is a parliamentary democracy with a population of approximately 7.6 million.The testimonials within the film, often framed as conversations, illuminate the motivations of apparently straight Bulgarians going gay for pay.While some of the men identify as bisexual or gay, most seem to maintain being straight.

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The strangeness of this world exists in a constant state of fluidity, as it seems obsessively focused on the beauty, youth and depravity that exists outside the rules of mainstream society.

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