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Occupied by Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany and Prussia during the First World War and German Officers during the Second World War, the Château has lived through turbulent times (we have a pill box (machine gun fortification) about 20 yards from our kitchen door which was built to protect the Château in the Second World War).Now, while we live in the newer part of the Château, the gite which makes up the majority of the old original Château dating from the 1700s, is an ideal place to come to explore and sample a true taste of France, easy enough to get to, but far enough into France to be truly French.

He can predict what will make you and me, and everyone we know, tick. Right now this 29-year-old personal trainer is possibly the hottest man on Instagram. He gets spotted in the street nowadays, courted by food and kitchenware companies to promote their products and propositioned by women on a daily basis. His currency is ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ and most importantly, followers; a metric that to everyone but progressive marketeers and upwardly mobile millennials is a tricky concept. Attention, not money, is the real stock in trade of the digital age. His official moniker is The Body Coach, a name he came up with when he started personal training five years ago.

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As relationship coaches and professional matchmakers, we meet so many awesome women (and men) who are looking for true love.

Through posting online workout videos and recipes they have effectively democratised wellness, proving that you don’t need a six-figure salary to have your own PT and tailor-made meal plan. He is loved and recommended by other PTs across the country — footballer John Terry, it turns out, is a fan — and has been labelled ‘the Jamie Oliver of the fitness world’. He’s a lovable, cheeky chappie who makes health fun and relatable. I teach people how to cook and train using what they’ve got. He has soft, Labradoodle curls, zygomatic cheekbones and the enthusiasm levels of a nine-week-old lamb. ‘Well, I’ve given up boot camps to do my 90 Day SSS plan [more on which below] full-time,’ he says.

You can download Joe’s videos (he has fitness videos, which I heartily recommend, mainly for his hysterical mid-calf white socks; but most of what he posts are his Leanin15 meals) any time, anywhere. And he is unfailingly authentic, driven more by a puritanical need to help people stay fit and healthy than a desire to line his tracksuit pockets. It’s not fancy and anyone can do it.’ Of course, I have been avoiding the obvious, up until now. After graduating with a sports science degree from Twickenham’s St Mary’s University, Wicks wanted to be a PE teacher but somehow it didn’t happen.

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Web services are a type of software application that uses loose coupling.

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