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Related: Bryce Harper Swing Analysis Used by Bronson Arroyo, Andrew Romine, Anthony Rizzo, and Peter Bourjos.“Scott Boras you over baby, Robinson Cano you’re coming with me.” “Somebody call a Brinks Truck, the boss back.” Used by Delmon Young They say I couldn’t play baseball at all, now everyday of my life I ball.This song was used by Ricky Conlan for his entrance in his fight with Apollo Creed.If you’ve seen the movie the entrance probably had you ready to start a fight in the theater.To end the onslaught of bad walk up songs, we compiled a list of the best baseball walk up songs. Alternative/Rock Country Electronic Hip-Hop/Rap International Pop BABADADADADADADADADADADA!If you’re a Chicago Blackhawks fan you’re likely familiar with this song.

Staring into the opposing pitchers soul as you prepare to put on a laser show.

The nature of fandom is hyperbolic, so the decreasing favor of Eminem’s subsequent releases and his uncompromising nature toward maturity or sensitivity or updating his jokes has made him a relatively easy target.

So when the offense taken by fans gets personal, suddenly a goofy, out-of-step novelty like “We Made You” is one of the worst songs they’ve ever heard.

“F— the police comin’ straight from the underground/A young n—- got it bad ’cause I’m brown/And not the other color so police think/They have the authority to kill a minority/F— that s—, ’cause I ain’t the one/For a punk motherf—– with a badge and a gun/To be beatin’ on, and thrown in jail/We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell!

WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST: MKuy3U when i'm not making very intimidating rap songs, i'm making things on the entirely opposite end of the spectrum.

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