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Ontario MPP Jack Mac Laren, at left, tweeted this photo of himself at the Carp Fair event alongside, from left to right, Ottawa Coun.

Eli El-Chantiry, fair vice-president Dan Lord and Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray.

Liberals, on the other hand, are usually assumed to be more receptive to science in general and more supportive of using science to shape policy.

Noting that party affiliation is different than political ideology – not everyone who identifies as liberal is a Democrat and not everyone who identifies as conservative is a Republican – these characterizations certainly seem to be true when we look at major leaders of the political parties.

Senators debated her nomination for more than an hour before holding a roll call vote.

Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-WA) called into question the validity of the 12-11 vote in favor of Mrs.

Conversely, Hillary Clinton’s line at the Democratic National Convention – “I believe in science” – was met with resounding applause.

Assuming that the stated views of outspoken politicians reflect the personal beliefs of voters within their parties is tempting.

"He's reading this joke off a piece of paper, and when I realized what he just said I kind of looked at him and when I looked back out into the audience, you could see it in their faces, that they were just — oh, my God, did he really just say that? "After he finished his speech, it was quiet, there was no applause, as I said they were mortified," she said.

: Last night the movie had its world premiere at Radio City Music Hall, and we haven’t seen such a splashy event in quite a while.

The carpet at the premiere was not red, but powder blue.

Other key figures instrumental in Macron’s sensational victory in this month’s election were given senior roles, with the Socialist mayor of Lyon, Gerard Collomb, named as interior minister while centrist ally Francois Bayrou becomes justice minister.

Macron and his centre-right prime minister Edouard Philippe faced a tricky balancing act in choosing their first government, with 39-year-old Macron needing to keep his allies happy while opening up positions to Philippe’s rightwing Republicans party.

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So thank you very much, and I really, really, really hope you have a good time tonight.” Click through our Party Lines slideshow for more celebrity quotes.

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