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They were bondage themed businesses, which Miranda thought was mildly amusing. They were normal in every way, so far as stereotypes went, like the dream neighbors next door. The aspects of their lifestyle were kind of a strange thing to provide catering to, but Miranda was an adult, and she prided herself on being professional. There were also a few bondage rooms, but Miranda wasn't interested in seeing those.

They just happened to invest their money into a bondage studio where guests could come and enjoy the full experience. She felt that she could handle any situation so long as she was treated with the proper respect. What was private, stayed private so far as she was concerned.

It paid well and she had enjoyed it, but it wasn't her passion. When she was parking her car in the driveway of the property, she saw Jenny coming out to greet her. They had always gotten along well and it had been months since they last saw each other.

Her passion and dream job had always been with cooking. Miranda congratulated Jenny on the wedding and they made other small talk as time passed.

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"Hurry up and take your shower, I've got to finish getting ready so I'm not late for work." she walked out of his room and he got out of bed. He liked to sleep until noon when he could, but he had to get up at 6 am for his senior year at high school. He was a few inches taller than her and still growing. Later." * The next morning, Janelle crept quietly into Tom's room. "I feel great, mom." he noticed she had on a yellow outfit this morning. He squeezed them gently, feeling her nipples harden against his palms. "Mmmmmm." the feel of his mother's breasts, the pressure she applied to his erection, and the strong smell of sex in the room pushed him over the edge. Let's get ready, we don't want to be late." she got up and left him there with her cum and his own all over his belly. You can't touch me there, I'm your mother for pete's sake." she yelled as she pulled away from him. Her mound was completely shaved, and she was rubbing her nether lips back and forth on the underside of his throbbing erection. Don't get up yet." she said as moved her hips faster. All she was wearing was a white ribbed tank top, a 'wife beater' style, except hers was roughly cut so short it barely hung below her breasts as they swayed back and forth. He massaged her tits, then he pulled her down to him so he could suck them. " She reached down and got some of his cum on her fingers, then put them in her mouth. "You can look forward to Monday, it'll be here before you know it." "But what about..." he guestured down to the tent building in his pants.

Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Introduction: This story is either really stupid, or really clever. There is a simulated rape scene at the end which although part of a consensual sex game, some readers may not like. Knowing in her mind it was wrong to have the feelings she had, her body betrayed her and she felt a tingling sensation between her legs as she caressed his strong shoulder with her fingertips. He didn't seem to notice how his mother's touch had gone from a firm shove to a gentle caress as he sat up in bed. "Mom, you better stop that." "I love you, baby." she whispered in his ear. A big, dark wet spot appeared on the crotch of her panties. "I love you." "I love you too, mom." They broke their embrace and went to their bathrooms to get ready. As long as you liked it, that's all I need to know." "I liked it a lot, mom. Now just close your eyes and relax." she took his hands and put them on her chest. She pulled back his sheet and saw he was nude again. " "Morning mom." Something felt different today, he didn't feel her panties, it was just wet and warm on his cock. "I know how you like to sleep in on the weekends." "But, mom.

Skin that covered the steely muscles she had been admiring ever since she realized her son had become a man. It's Okay." she moved faster until she felt his body tense up under her. She had on a tight pink t-shirt that had the words 'Porn Star' written across the front in glittery script, with matching pink cotton panties. She hugged him as he stood up and whispered in his ear. I really don't want to talk about our special wake up time together. "Nice outfit, mom." "Thanks, I got a few new things for our special wake up time. Later, mom." "Have a good day, Tom." * The next morning, Janelle crept quietly into Tom's room. " "Today is Saturday." she said dryly and took a sip of her coffee.

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