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The trailer even features a musical number where Grace, still struggling to overcome her reluctance to participate in the new show, bursts into song and her fellow characters join in to persuade her to return.The revival came about thanks to a 10-minute election special episode which showed the four discussing Donald Trump.” After reminiscing about their time there - “How many fake shows did we not watch on that prop TV? “So many”, Grace replies - they find co-character Karen (Megan Mullally) asleep on the sofa.

Heterosexual Grace (Debra Messing) got all the good bedroom scenes and sexual storylines.would be returning to our screens, and now we know even more details about when.At this week’s NBC upfronts, it was revealed that the sitcom will air on Thursday nights, the same night as the newly rescheduled at a party to celebrate the upfronts, which was also attended by his castmates Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes, and Debra Messing, Mc Cormack spoke about the trailer, which shows the cast bursting into song.“I’m excited to see Will as a gay man who’s no longer figuring it out.There’s a confidence that will come with that,” he said.

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