Dating sites making fake profiles

But the identity of celebrity cheaters (or your neighbor down the street) isn't the only thing being found.

It turns out that of the dating sites using fake profiles, Ashley Madison is a big culprit.

One of the most popular prejudices against online dating is the belief that many of the profiles are fake.

Recently, in the news, you may have heard of a few fraudulent online dating sites creating fake profiles in order to catfish members into paying fees to use their site.

Interestingly, the majority of Australians find it hard to identify scammers (56 percent) and nearly 60 percent of Australians would like website/app owners to take more ownership for protecting them from the dangers of online dating.

Sorry, but online dating sites don't want you to find love.

People everywhere are combing through the Ashley Madison data looking for names they know.

It has been reported that thousands and thousands of fake women's profiles filled the Ashley Madison subscriber database.

In a To validate my hypothesis, I connected with a senior consulting programmer who assisted in creating the "compatibility algorithms" at a number of online dating sites.

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“With the popularity of online dating services on the rise in Australia, Valentine’s Day has become more appealing for scammers looking to cash in on people searching for that special someone.” “While many do find love online, those who are victims of fake scams and false identities are often left with financial damage and emotional distress,” added Dempsey.

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