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M] Them man there don't know what I'm on Man got bells all over the drum Man get top then skeet on her tongue Them man there put juice in her bum That shit wrong Tell a man Ehh Put two bells up there and I skrr Man wan scuff up, tell a man nah 1 2 corn, just send a man there Girls wan' kiss, just look at my face I ain't that buff, cut to the chase I don't want love, I just want face You just want Ps, but it's too late Why you so broke get the fuck out my face Only got Qs or 10s or 8s I don't give a fuck if you fuck with the boss Man's A. M You might know me for them robberies, when I backed that skeng Or the madting when I chased man and he left his friend (Neeks) You get jook jook in your head back you won't think again (Nah) You won't think again Boom-Bam in her face Then I skeet skeet on her tongue And if her boyfriend wan chat shit, I'll put one in his lung (Jook jook jook) Jook me, are you dumb? The girls spread their legs and want to feel your thick dick deep in her cunt.This awesome bitches are really the absolute bomb you have to experience it for yourself to understand how hot this bitches really are in the online chat.Well sadly, my generation will be the last to know & communicate with family out of state. Hell, I'm struggling to maintain a relationship with my brother which looks like we are ready to throw in the towel. No one wants to have a Family Reunion anymore which I volunteered to plan.

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